Property of Creekside BBQKurt Wickiser is a native Andersonian. He graduated from Oakwood Christian School before heading to Lander College and then Life University. He opened Creekside Bar-be-que in May of 2000. His life has been all about bar-be-que every since. Kurt is an eagle scout and very resourceful. He awakes happy to come to work at Creekside each morning. Even as a small boy, he always desired to run a bar-be-que restaurant. He enjoyed helping his Uncle Herman,  owner of The Barbeque Shack in Toccoa, learning the techniques and recipes that were pasted down from his great grandfather. Kurt is a people person and enjoys talking to each table. He is anxious to make sure each customer is well taken care of but also loves the personal interaction with each customer. Sometimes we teasing him about talking too much. But he truly cares to find out the details of the lives of his customers.
Kurt loves to hunt and fish. He hardly ever gets to enjoy those hobbies because he works many hours a week. People tease him that he only works Thursday to Sunday but they do not realizing the time involved in slow cooking our meats. We also generally have catering and special events most days of the week.
Kurt is very passionate about serving an exceptional product and outstanding service. He is also passionate about Buying Local. He makes every attempt to spend most of his dollars locally in Anderson County. What he can’t spend locally he tries to spend in South Carolina. He truly feels if we spend more dollars locally we can bulletproof Anderson County’s economy.
We have been fortunate to have so many wonderful staff members since we opened our doors. Many have been children of family friends and many have walked in the doors strangers and become like family.We have lost a few of our young Creekside Family to death and we think of them almost everyday.
Still our Creekside family grows every year and we feel blessed. Creekside is hard work. We are old school. You have to think, run and jump in! Which let’s face it isn’t for everyone. But once you make it a year or two you are family for life.
Oh the stories we could tell!  Like the day we were setting up at a construction site and we look up and 300 hungry men are running from over a hill down to us 45 minutes early. Then there was the days we had fifty or so in line at the Corn Maze and the generator went out!
Or the day the guys caught the back porch on fire grilling hamburgers in the rain for 3000. Through it all we laugh and have a blast serving our customers. And we manage to still love each other after all the stress of that big rush or that crazy day when we have 5 catering jobs with people coming and leaving in all directions.
Only at Creekside, because Kurt never says no! Which drives us crazy but we love him for it at the same time. We are always there for our customers. No job is too big or too small for our Creekside Family.